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9.2.4. Activate PayPal on your online store

You are here: Control Panel > Online store > Payment methods > PayPal

To activate PayPal on you online store you need to have created a PayPal company account and had it verified. You can read more about this in the previous paragraph.

We will now show you how to activate PayPal on your online store.

1. Go to Payment methods and click edit opposite to PayPal

2. The fields are now described below:

  • Title: Here is the title for the payment method stated.

  • Description: Here is the description that is visible for the customer. Notice that you have to write a description for all the language layers.

  • Delivery countries: Choose which delivery countries this payment method should be available to.

  • User rights: Choose who that should be able to use this payment method.

  • Order status Upon payment: Choose which status the order should have in the system when the customer has completed a payment.

  • Fee #1: You can here type in a potential fee in a currency.

  • Fee #2: You can here type in a potential fee in percent.

  • Sorting: Choose how the payment methods should be sorted.

  • Username: Type in the username that you received from PayPal

3.  When all this is filled out, click Save. PayPal is now ready for use.

Notice: you can read more about the set up here.