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9.2. PayPal

With SmartWeb's PayPal integration it is fast to introduce online payment on your online store. At the same time it is free to create a PayPal account and receive credit card payments. The only thing you pay for is a set fee for each transaction. This means that PayPal receives the payment and send the money with the fee withdrawn to your account. You can read about all this and more on

This guide goes through the following:

  • How to create a PayPal company/business account

  • How to get verified by PayPal

  • How to set up online store payments on PayPal

  • How to activate PayPal on your online store


With this guide you can quickly and easily get started with PayPal online payment, and you are thereby on your way towards more successful e-commerce.

Read more:

9.2.1. Create a PayPal company/business account

9.2.2. Verified by PayPal

9.2.3. Set up online store payments on PayPal

9.2.4. Activate PayPal on your online store