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7.1. Upload files

You are here: File manager

We will in this paragraph show you how to upload files to the file manager.

1. Go to File manager and click Upload. The image shown below will now appear.

2. Click Add files.

3. You can now see a "Window" with the content of your computer. The file/files that you wish to upload. Click Open in order to upload the files. You can also hold the CTRL button down in order to upload more files at once.

4. The system will now automatically upload your files to the chosen folder in the File manager. The can afterwards be used in the system.

It is also possible to the the drag and drop function. You can do this by:

1. Find the specific folder in the File manager.

2. Choose the relevant files.

3. Take them with your mouse and drag them into the open window in the file manager. 

4. Drop them into the window and the chosen pictures will now be uploaded.