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7. File Manager

You are here: File manager

In the File manager you can administer the files that are uploaded on your web solution. This can either be pictures, documents, pdf's, etc. The File manager is structured in a folder-structure. All files that are uploaded to the file manager are public, this means that customers, search engines etc. can see these. If you wish to share internal files, then you need to use the folder "Private files". Files that are placed in this folder can only bare shared in public throughout a media achieve. 

The File manager is as a standard divided into different folders, though these can be changed based on your needs.

Under the File manager you have these three sections:

  • File manager: This opens the file manager in the same tab as your SmartWeb administration.

  • File manager in Popup: Opens a new window when you open your file manager.

  • Multi upload: This section is only for upload of multiple files. This is described in section 7.5.

You can find the file manager in the menu on the left side in your SmartWeb system.

When you click on the folders on the left side, you can see the content of the folder. If the folder has underlying folders, there will be a plus next to the folder. When you click on this plus, you will be able to see the underlying folders.

When looking at the files in the folder, you can see their title, date of creation and size of the file.

If you right click on a file you can see the image below:

The features are explained below:
  • Select: Use to import the chosen files to e.g. a text page on the web solution.

  • View: Opens the file in a window (if it is possible). This functions best if it is a picture or a document.

  • Download: Downloads the chosen file to your computer.

  • Resize: Opens a window where you can edit the size of the picture directly in the file manager. Notice: If the size of a picture is changed, a new will be created with this size.

  • Rename: Enables you to rename the file. Notice: If the chosen file is used on your web solution, the system will not be able to find the picture afterwards.

  • Delete: Deletes the file from the file manager.

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