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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop

6.2.6. Stock locations

You are here: Control panel > Online Store > Stock locations

You can choose different locations for your stock in the SmartWeb administration. This is very useful if you have your products i several stock locations as well as if they have different cost prices. You can therefore add cost price and stock for the specific product among with the product variants in the different stock locations.

The system will take the products from the stock locations based on their rank in the stock location list. This means that the products will automatically be removed from the stock location that ranks highest. When a stock is empty the system will then remove the products from the second levelled stock location.

In order to use the stock locations, you need to create the actual locations. This will be explained below:

1. Go to: Control panel > Online store > Stock locations

2. You can here find an overview of the different stock locations. The stock location "Standard" is a standard in the system, and can therefore not be deleted. You can only edit it. You can edit the Standard stock location by clicking on . If you have not created any stock locations, then all your products will be added to the Standard stock location.

3. Click on Create new location.

4. Fill out the title for the stock locations. Please notice that the sorting of the stock, has an impact on the rank of the stock location in the system. This also affects when the products will be removed from the location. When you have filled out the fields, click Create and then Previous.

5. The new stock location will now be visible on the list.