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Pay with Klarna

The procedure when paying with Klarna is different than from the other payment solutions.

1. Before a customer can pay with Klarna, he/she has to be accepted throughout a credit check, this is done by Klarna. When the customer is accepted Klarna pays the full amount to your online store meanwhile the customer have to pay the amount directly to Klarna.

2. When a customer have to pay in your online store he/she will be able to choose Klarna, when this is done, the customer has to type in his/hers full CVR-number (CPR in Denmark). See the image below.

3. When the customer have filled out this and accepted the terms and conditions of purchase for your online store, the system will send a request to Klarna. This sign will be shown in the order in the SmartWeb system. You can see the status for the order by clicking edit. The status will then occur as seen below:

4. When the status is Waiting it means that Klarna is working on the credit check. When the status has changed to Approved, can you click Activate. This will complete the order by letting Klarna know that they can transfer the amount to you.  When you have clicked Activate a link to the order confirmation from Klarna will occur. This can be seen under Uploaded invoices

5. By clicking on the PDF-link you can see the current invoice. We recommend you to print this invoice and attach it to the product, when it is send to the customer.

If the customer is not approved by Klarna, you will not be informed why. The customer has the possibility of calling Klarna in order to find out why.

German or Dutch customers have to type in their Birth date. When a company buys through Klarna the CBR number will be used to approve the company.