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6.2.4. Delivery countries and VAT

You are here: Control panel > Online store > Delivery countries and tax

Under Delivery countries and tax you can create and edit delivery countries and their accompanying VAT.

If your online store has started exporting it is time to create new delivery countries. Under Delivery countries and tax you can see all the delivery countries that are created in your system. Denmark is created as a standard in the SmartWeb system. We will now show you how to create a new delivery country.

1. Go to: Control panel > Online Store> Delivery countries and tax > Create new delivery country

2. Fill out the following fields:

  • Country: Choose the country that you wish to create as a delivery country.

  • Available on language layers: Choose which language layer that you want the delivery country to be available on. This way you can make sure, that swedes only order on the Swedish language layer and not on the Danish. This is a good way to divide the countries.

3. When you have filled out the above mentioned fields, click Save. The delivery country is now created and active on your online store.

4. You can control if the delivery country created correctly throughout the overview of delivery countries.

5. As you can see, the system has added VAT for both private and business. The business VAT is 0 % because there is no business VAT between countries within the EU. You can read more about VAT rules here.

6. The VAT rule is created for sales from Denmark to Denmark, Europe or outside Europe. If your online store is selling from another country than Denmark, you have to change the VAT rates, to do this click on Click here for manual calculation of VAT rates.