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6.2.3. Currency

You are here: Control panel > Online store > Currencies

Under Currencies you can create and edit the currencies that should be used in your online store. When you click on Currencies you get a list of all the currencies that you have created.
From the list you can see the name (title) of any given currency, a symbol and a rate. The rate is used to calculate the prices for your products.

We will in this paragraph show you how to create a new currency.

1. Go to: Control panel > Online store > Currencies > Create new currency

2. Fill out the following:

  • Title: Write a title for the new currency, so that your customers now which it is.

  • Symbol: Type in the abbreviation for the new currency. E.g. $ or €

  • Symbol location: Choose if you want the symbol to be placed on the right or left side of the amount.  For e.g. the Danish or Sweedish currency the symbol has to be placed on the right side, while on the left for Euro or Dollars.

  • Rate: Type in the rate that you wish to use. Remember to write it in your terms and conditions of purchase.

  • Rounding: Choose which rounding rule you wish to follow in your Online store.  The possibilities are listed here:
                       Always up
                       Always Down
                       Normal (Divided by 0,5)

You also have to choose which decimal that you which to round after.  The possibilities are listed below:
                       To whole number
                       1. decimal
                       2. decimal

  • Payment solution: Choose the official currency from the drop down list. This is very important because the payment gateway needs to recognize the currency and change it to DKK when the amount is inserted on your account.

  • Decimal separator: Choose between , or . to part the decimals. Notice that "." is used to divide decimals in English, whereas it in Danish is ","

  • Throusands separator: Choose between , or . to part thousands. Notice that "," is used to divide decimals in English, whereas it in Danish is "."

  • Number of decimals: Choose how many decimals that are shown on the price

3. When you have filled out the above mentioned fields, click Save. The currency is now added to your list. Now you have to choose on which language layers that the currency should be available on.