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Product filter

You are here: Control Panel > Online store > Shop settings > Product filter

Product filter is  a module that enables your customers to search very precisely when they are visiting your online store.

When you implement a product filter on your online store the customers can astate their preferences and thereby be presented with the products that meet the specific criteria. A product filter can be compared with an online salesman that guides your customers to the right products based on their wishes.

We will in this paragraph guide you through how to set up a product filter on your online store.

1. Go to Product filter

2. Check off Product filter enabled

3.  The product filter is now activated and the screen shot will now look like this:

4.  Every field represents a possibility for the customers in the product filter. You can choose between if you want to show the fields as check boxes, in a dropdown menu or "From - to Dropdowns" in both variants and extended product data.  The last mentioned enables the customer to limit their search with "from-to" choice.
Check boxes enable the customer to filter more options at the same time.
A drop down menu limits the customers to filter one at a time. You can also choose to hide the field in the product field.
The different field are described below:

  • Price: This enables the customers to decide a price interval. The system then automatically generates a "Slider" that start from the cheapest product to the most expensive. This will continuously be updated depending on the other search criteria that the customer chooses.

  • New products:  Here the customer can choose to view only new products in the online store. New products are products that are added within the last month.

  • Products on sale: Here the customer can choose to view only products that are on sale.

  • Free text search: Here the customer can search by writing his or hers own words or sentences.

  • Brands: If the online store is showing brands/producers on the products, then the customer will be able to see the products from a specific producer.

  • Categories: This enables the customers to see products within a specific product category. This is as a standard chosen.

  • Variants: Here the customer can choose which product variants to choose between.

5. Click to choose which product categories the box should be visible on.

6. Under Brands/Categories and Variants there will typically be many different options. But you have to choose which are visible for customers to choose.

7. When you are finished click Save. The product filter is now available for use on you online store. There is an example of how this looks like below: