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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop

6.2.12. Price Index

You are here: Control panel > Online Store > Price index

The price index module enables you to integrate your price index pages with Google Shopping, Kelkoo, Pricerunner, Miinto, and more, automatically. You can integrate your price index with other pages if they have the same price filter or create your own price index.


How does it work:
The price index pages offer to advertise for your products on their pages. You pay per click or per sale, depending on the agreement with the site. 

The reporting of the products and prices that you wish to be on their pages is made through a price file. The price file is in a XML format and is available through a link. This enables the price index site to update their catalogue e.g. four times daily.

Most of the price index pages also offer sales tracking. The price index sites are keeping track of the sales made from their own web site.

What should I do?
1. You need to establish an agreement with the price index site that you wish to advertise on.

2. When this is done go to: Control panel > Online store > Price index and activate the price index integrations that you wish to use. You can furthermore choose if this should be applied for all your products or for chosen products. If you choose only to share specific products, you can do this under: Online store > Product catalogue > Edit product > Price index.

3. When you have chosen the products that you wish to share, they will be visible under: Control panel > Online store > Price index
Notice that you have to create a domain or subdomain if you wish to share more language layers.

4. The price index sites that you use, will give you a customer ID and a key. You need to insert this under: Control panel > Online store > Price index, if you wish to enable sales tracking. If you do not wish to use sales tracking, then leave these fields empty.  

OBS! You need to create a domain or subdomain per language layer, in case you have several language layers.


Divide feeds

It is a good idea for large webshops to divide the product feeds into for example 10-20.000 products, so the priceindexes are able to load the products. This is done by adding the following to the links.

Link 1: &start=0&length=9999 (first 10.000 products)

Link 2: &start=10000&length=10000 (following max. 10.000 products)

Different price indexes:
Some of the possible price index websites are shown below and described.



Google shopping ads are product announcements on Google
Tracking is managed by Google tools

Kelkoo is a price index for all product groups.
Kelkoo offers sales tracking through

Organization ID: ID
Event ID: event
Secret code: Key

The affiliate link is here:

Pricerunner is a price index for all product groups
Pricerunner is not integrated with sales tracking.

Miinto is a shopping portal with clothes, shoes and bags. 
Miinto do not offer sales tracking.

ID: Shop ID
Colour: Choose variant type for colour
Size: Choose variant type for size.
You can import your products to Miinto here.

Notice: Products with other variants than those shown above cannot be exported to Miinto.

Trendsales is a shopping-portal with clothes

Colour: Choose variant type for the colours
Size: Choose variant type for size. The size is required in order to export a product to Trendsales.

Notice: Products with other variant types than the above mentioned, variants without product number or EAN, and products that are not in stock can not be exported to Trendsales. Trendsales furthermore demands a XML-file with product categories. The file can be generated through the export module.

Other price indexes:
Please notice, that SmartWeb is also integrated with others systems. However these do not have an english version of their website. These price indexes are: /

Read more: Create your own price index Which data is sent to the price index services