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5.7. MailLink

You are here: Modules > Newsletter > MailLink

With the SmartWeb system you can link your SmartWeb solution to an subscription with either MailChimp or MailMarketing. Thereby you can control all your newsletters from the chosen system.

The though behind this module, is that you can synchronize the users that you have in SmartWeb to Mail Chimp or Mail Marketing. This synchronization is automatically done every hour. You can therefore be sure that all your users are located in MailMarketing/MailChimp.

To use this module you need to have a subscription with either MailMarketing or MailChimp. Notice that MailMarketing only exists in Danish, so if you need an English system choose MailChimp.

To add the module to your online store, go to: Subscription > Modules > Check off the MailLink-box.

In the next couple of paragraphs we will show you how to configure the module.

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5.7.1. Configuring MailChimp