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5.4. Export

You are here: Modules > Export

With this function you can export (save) informations from your online store in a file on your own computer. It is possible with programs like Excel to edit data, after which they can be imported into your online store via the Import.

Choose in the first step between the following data types:

  • Products and Variants
  • Price lines
  • Discount lines
  • Product categories
  • Orders
  • Variant types
  • Variant data
  • Users
  • User groups
  • Discount groups
  • SEO redirects
  • Text pages
  • Customer discount groups
  • Product discount groups

Choose in the second step the format:

  • XML
  • CSV

And category / status etc. Click Export and SmartWeb will generate an export file.

Find the description of the Export/Import format in Import of data.

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