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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop


Addwish is integrated directly into SmartWeb and is therefore easy to set up.


Addwish products

Addwish offers following products:

  • Wish List feature makes it easy to share wishes with others. In the wish list a price reminder it built in. You can read about it here.
    This product is free to use.
  • Intelligent product recommendations based on purchase and behavior patterns in your shop. Eg. home products, products in categories in the basket or on the item card. You can read about it here.
    This product requires a subscription with Addwish.
  • Advanced search function including live search, spelling correction and search results based on popularity. You can read about it here.
    This product requires a subscription with Addwish.
  • Use personalization with your current newsletter provider Addwish. You can read about it here.
    This product requires a subscription with Addwish.
  • Automatic e-mails, for example. lost shopping cart. You can read about it here.
    This product requires a subscription with Addwish.



Setup Guide

The following guide shows you how to set up Addwish at your shop.

1. You log into SmartWeb > click Modules in the left side > click Addwish.

2. Do not have an Addwish account, click on the banner and follow the wizard. The account is free of charge.

3. Once you have created a Addwish account, then enter your Addwish id in the box under the banner. There is also here where you find your Addwish id. You click Save.

4. You should now follow the wizard as described here in the panel.

5. Addwish is now set up and running on your shop. It will in the first instance only be wishlist function until you create a subscription with Addwish.

Note that it may take up to 24 hours after you have activated Addwish with SmartWeb, the wish list is functioning at your shop.



Frequently asked questions

1. How does Wishlist function?

When your customers visit your shop, they will then be able to find a small box whereas Addwish.

If a customer then visiting one of your products will Addwish automatically propose to save the specific product to your customer's wish list.


Addwish offer different setup of the wish list:

1. The wish list can be shown to all visitors to the web shop (standard)
2. The wish list can be displayed opposite the visitors already use Addwish (contact Addwish)
3. The wish list can be removed if it is not relevant to your visitors (contact Addwish)


2. Addwish need a product feed. Where can I find it?

What's on the SmartWeb > Modules on the left side > Addwish. Under Section 2.


3. Addwish need a warrant feed to purchase history. Where can I find it?

This is to be read out manually to Addwish via the export function. Export function, see Modules > Export > Orders.

Addwish need the following fields:
- General Order ID Number, Price, Product ID number, product title, Variant title.
- Company: Company e-mail.


4. Addwish need a page to display search results. How do I do it?

Set up an empty folder in the page tree, which can present search results.

Page tree:

1. Create folder called "Addwish pages". It must be hidden.

2. Create a page called "Search Results". It places you in "Addwish pages" folder. Since must not be shown in the menu.

3. The page should now be available on

Other pages can be created, for example. ifm. rejected cart e-mail.