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5.1. Users

You are here: Modules > Users

Users is a very important module, and is a prerequisite for certain modules to work. For instance it is required that you have a user module on your web solution in order to get a forum-function. You can for instance use the Users module to show selected pages to selected users.

When you click on users you get a list of users that are signed up for your web solution. You can choose to show the users per category. Thereby only the users within that selected category will be shown.

You can also search for any text by entering parts of a name or e-mail address and then clicking search.
Next to each user you have the possibility to see the selected user’s data, edit their user data or completely delete a user.

Below you can see the standard usergroups that SmartWeb has created for you.

  • Customer: Includes the users that have an account on your website

  • Customer B2B: Includes the users that apply for a login on your online store.

  • Only Newsletter receivers: Includes the users that have chosen to receive your newsletter

  • Brands / products: includes the brands / products that are included in the product catalogue.

We will in the next paragraphs show you how to create your own user groups.

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