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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop

1. Introduction

This manual shows you how to use SmartWeb - a modern and Internet based CMS and E-commerce system.

CMS stands for Content Management System and in short allows you to make changes to your website or online store without any programming knowledge. 

You can see an illustration of the front page in the SmartWeb system below. 

1) Menu
The main menu contains the following points:

  • Tree - outline of pages and content on the web solution 
  • Online store - online store related content, including product catalogue, orders and customers
  • Modules -  non-content-related modules, including newsletter and news text messaging
  • Control Panel - general settings for the web solution 
  • File management - archive of all files, including icons and images 
  • Help - link to this guide 
  • Statistics- links for visitor and sales statistics, among others
  • My Account - overview of your current subscription and possible changes 

2) Headline
The name of the page you are visiting

3) Admin language
Where you change the administration language from Danish to Swedish, Norwegian or English. This should not be confused with the language layer for the web solution. 

4) Help
Direct link to relevant help for the present page. 

5) Online store statistics
An overview of your online store's performance over the last 8 days. This is hidden in a CMS web solution. 

6) News
This section shows the new functions implemented along with the functions which we are currently working on. 

7) Suggest a function
If you have an idea for a new function, this button is a direct link to the idea platform where everyone can write an idea, comment and vote on other ideas.

8) Operational status
Where the operational status of the SmartWeb system and NETS/Teller (for users with payment gateway) is shown. Upcoming disturbances relating to updates etc. are also shown here. 

9) View site online
Here you can view your website or online store online. If you have several language layers, you can choose between those here. 

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1.21. GDPR