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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop

1.7. Nyttige lenker frontend

Permanent pages

The following permanent pages are standard on the front end. You need to know these if you want to e.g. create links for one or more of the pages in SmartWeb. 

Page name  Standard link Only online stores
Log in /log-in/  
Log out /_source/modules/user/user.actions.php?action=logout  
Create user /create-user/  
Apply for user /apply-for-user/  
User information /my-information/  
Change password /change-password/  
Forgot password /forgotten-password/  
Subscription for newsletter /subscribe-newsletter/  
Send to a friend /send-to-a-friend/  
Sitemap /sitemap/  
My orders /my-orders/ x
Shopping basket /basket/ x
Order /order/ x
File sale download /filesale-download/ x
Wish list /wish-list/ x
See all products on sale /products/?sale x
See all new products
(created within the last 30 days)
/products/?news x


URL/link structure

The URL/link structure on the front end is built according to the following principle:

[page]: unique page title

[category]: unique id followed by category title

[article]: unique id followed by article title

For a product it is for example:

All URL's are generated with lower case letters and without special characters.