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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop

1.4. Data Lists

SmartWeb uses dynamic lists of the data that is stored in your system. It can be users, galleries and products as shown below. 



The lists are automatically updated so searches, page breaks and other changes of the list does not cause the browser to reload the page. This provides a more comfortable work routine. 

As a standard the lists show 20 results per page. If the list contains more than 20 results it is possible to browse the pages via the buttons on the top and bottom of the page. Here, you can also see which page is currently shown. It is possible to see any page by entering the corresponding number in the field and then pressing ENTER. 


Most of the columns allow you to sort in relation to the column. You can do this by clicking on the title of the column. If you click the title again, the sorting will be displayed in reversed order. 

Order and width of columns

If you would like to set a different order for the columns you simply click on the name of the column, hold the button, drag it to the wanted position and then release the button. The lists will remember the order of the columns as long as you access the the administration from the same browser. 

Show and hide columns

To  hide a column, place the cursor over the column and click on the icon that appears to the right in the column. Choose 'Columns' and remove the tick on the columns that you wish to hide. Should you regret, you can always show the columns again by clicking the tick on the corresponding columns in the same manner. 


In the top left of all lists is a search field. Depending on which list you are using you can always use this field to find the exact list entrances you need. In e.g. you can search for order numbers and products in the orders in the order list in your online store.  

Extra sortings

Some lists have extra possibilities for specifying the entrances you wish to see. The product catalogue in the online store can, for example, show products of specific categories or from a specific producer. These optionals can be chosen via a drop-down menu and can be used in the ordinary fashion, by clicking on the icon on the right. This will prompt a list of e.g. categories, from which you can choose the wanted category. Another option is to search for the wanted criteria by typing it into the field. The drop-down menu will now show the entrances that match the search criteria and you can choose the entrance you were looking for.