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1.3. The text editor

Edidting of larger content areas, such as text page content, product description content, users, etc. happens via a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It can be compared to the usage of programs such as Microsoft Word.

The icons at the top of the text editor each represents a unique function:

First row:
Source: Displays the source code (HTML) for the content of the page. 
Undo / Redo: Allows you to navigate forward and backward in the latest changes (cannot be applied to changes implemented prior to the last save). 
Numbered list / Bulleted list: Starts or ends a list 
Insert / Remove link: Inserts or removes a link surrounding the marked text. 
Insert bookmark: Inserts a bookmark in the text.
Insert picture: Opens the image dialogue, in which it is possiible to insert an image from the server or to upload new images. 
Insert flash: Opens the flash dialogue, in which it is possible to choose a flash component on the server or upload new flash files.
Insert Mediahelper: This dialog box helps you show a Youtube or Vimeo video. You only have to write the link to the video. The video will then be shown on the page and will be responsive.
Insert horizontal line: Inserts a horizontal line in the chosen space. 
Remove formatting: Removes all formatting for the chosen text. 
Cut / Copy / Paste: Makes it possible to move or copy chosen text. 
Insert as non-formatted text: Inserts text in clipboard as clean text without formatting.
Insert from Word: Translates text copied from Word to a suitable web format.
Show section marks: Shows frames around block elements such as paragraphs.  

Second row:
Bold / Italic / Underlined / Strikethrough: Formats the marked text.
Align text left / Center / Align text right / Justify text: Formats the marked text.
Increase / Decrease indent: Moves the active text section in or out. 
Text colour: Determines the colour of the chosen text.
Background colour: Determines the background colour of the chosen text.
Superscript / Subscript: Heightens or lowers the text. 
Insert signs: Displays a list of signs that can be inserted to the text. 
Search: Opens a dialogue, through which you can search the text. 
Replace: Opens a dialogue, through which you can search for and replace text.
Table: Opens a dialogue, through which you can create tables. 

Third row:
Formatting: Allows you to format chosen text to e.g. 'Header 1'
Font: Allows you to choose the font you wich to use
Font size: Allows you to choose the font size you wish to use

In the content area (the middle of the editor) you can insert and edit the content you want the corresponding page to contain. When you mark and right click on an element you will see a list of the editing options for that element.

In the bottom left you can see the HTML tags attached to the text at which the cursor is placed. 

If you have several active language layers on your web solution, you can switch between these in the row of tabs above the text editor. You can thereby edit unique content for each language layer. Please note that content is not automatically saved, when switching to another language layer. Because of this; always remember to save changes before leaving a page.