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Create Your Cookie Terms

You can below read how to create a text page with your cookie terms.

1. Create a normal text page in the system. This guide will show you how. 

2. You now need to insert a text that explains which and how your web solution is using cookies. The text must mention ALL the cookies that your web solution is using. You must include the 3. party cookies, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can read more about 3. party cookies here

3. When you have finished this page, you are to create an information box in the system. You can read more about this here

We have made the following example for you to insert on your cookie-page. However, please notice that you should rewrite the text in order to avoid any duplicated content. 


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer when you are surfing on the web. Cookies are for an example used to register your behaviour on a specific web page and to remember you the next time you are visiting the same page. The information that the cookie registers are mostly used for statistics or to improve your experience of the web page.
Cookies cannot contain viruses and it is therefore not dangerous to your computer. 


[Your Domain]'s Cookie usage

At [Your company name] we use cookies on [Your Domain] in order to optimise our web page and its functionality. Our cookies are helping us to provide you with the best experience possible, when you are visiting our web page. You can read more about which cookies and for which purposes we use them on [Your Domain] below. 

Technical Necessary Cookies

[Your Domain] is administrated by SmartWeb. [Your Domain] uses cookies to recognise you, when you are visiting our web page. Furthermore, we use SmartWebs cookie script to see whether you have been informed about our cookie usage. 

Cookies for Maketing and Optimisation

We use Google Analytics to analyse how you use [Your Domain]. The information gathered by the cookie is then sent to and stored on Googles servers. Furthermore, we use cookies when you watch Youtube videos on [Your Domain]. This cookie registers which Youtube videos you have seen, and how much of these you have seen. 


How do I delete Cookies?

You can always delete cookies that are stored on your computer. The following guides shows you how to delete your cookies. 


​Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, you are welcome to contact us on [Your telephone number] or write an e-mail to [Your e-mail address].