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1.15. Image editing

It is important to note that SmartWeb is not an image editing program. Larger image editing should therefore always be conducted with the use of image editing software. SmartWeb recommends this free online software:

The below example shows your options when you wish to insert an image on a regular content site. 

1 - Address: Displays the URL of the image in your solution. This is the URL to use when linking directly to exactly this precise image. 

2 - Alternative text: Here you can write an alternative text. This text will appear if a user holds the cursor over the image for a few seconds. 

3 - Size: Displays the height and width for your image. NOTE! SmartWeb only scales the image, which means that the quality of the image will be diminished if it is enlarged/reduced too much. 

4 - Lock and regenerate: Locks the image so that the width/height relation of the image remains intact. You can also cancel all changes and bring the image back to its original size. 

5 - Preview: Displays a preview of the chosen image. 

6 - Placement and frame: States the width of the image frame. The horizontal and vertical margin states the proximity of the image to the closest element and can be used to apply a precise placement of the image on the page.