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1.10. Browsers

What is a browser?

A browser is the program on your computer you use for accessing the Internet. Internet Explorer will typically be installed on a PC, while Apple uses Safari. You can also download other browsers from the Internet. The four biggest browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. SmartWeb works in all four browsers. 


Which browser should you choose?

SmartWeb is optimized for all four browsers (see which above). Our own favourite is Firefox, which is fast and stable. We therefore recommend that you also use this browser in your daily cooperation with SmartWeb. Firefox can be downloaded free of charge and works on both MAC and PC. 

Keep your browser updated

No matter which browser you use, it is important to keep it updated. The browsers are updated several times during a year to live up to the latest web- and security standards. An upgrade will also make a difference for the browser speed, especially in a java script based administration system as SmartWeb. 

The new browsers also open up for new technology, which SmartWeb can utilize in its development. We need to draw a line as it becomes very elaborate to develop for all versions, on all four browsers. SmartWeb follow leading companies in the business, e.g. Google, to estimate where to draw the line. 

The requirements from SmartWeb are:

Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Safari 4+ and Chrome 4+.