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SmartWeb Help | CMS & Shop

10.1. Moving from Dandomain

If you are thinking about moving from a DanDomain shop to SmartWeb, we have developed an automatic function that will copy the key data:

  • Product Groups (one language)

  • Products (one language)

  • Product images

What should I do?
Log into your shop DanDomain administration and do the following:

1. Click Import / Export > Export from the menu

2. In the first step, select the topic, select XML and New export > Products

3. In the second step is selected all data

4. In the third step click the link to download the export in XML

Then, log in SmartWeb administration and do the following:

1. Click Modules > Import from the menu

2. Use the Import from external systems and find the XML file from DanDomain

3. Enter the URL of your Shop DanDomain if you want to download images

4. Click Import and the data will be transferred to SmartWeb

If the above is causing problems, it may help to use UTF-8 encoding. Otherwise, you're always welcome to contact support here

What does it cost?
The feature is free to use.

Does it affect my online store at DanDomain?
The move does not affect your existing shop at DanDomain. Export file is simply copied into the SmartWeb and DanDomain shop will act as it always has.

What about the rest of the move?
The data that is not being moved by this function must be created manually. If you want to move other data you may contact us for a price.

Once your new shop is ready to go online, you must move the domain and payment solution to SmartWeb.